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Augmented Reality – The future you Will be in.



Imagine your are Working like Tom cruise like in the above picture (Movie : Minority Report). isn’t it Awesome? Physically interacting with Computer generated graphics and Manipulating them.Those days are not far away, you are Experiencing it now a days with your cell phones now a days.

This is called “Augmented Reality” – In other words Augmented reality is a Technology which Enhances the information, Increasing the information into your world.For example before internet evolved to common people, Consider the maps – The paper maps included only the Main roads, cities, lakes, rivers etc. But Now Google maps provide almost all possible information in the maps, Sitting in a corner of your home you can know the restaurants around the places of your interest, and Decide which one to go for!!. This is how the information is enhanced/increased in your world.

The definition of the “Augmented Reality”  varies based on the application we are referring to. Wikipedia Defines Augmented reality as “is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data“.

NOTE: May be some AR applications don’t live up-to the Complete Wikipedia definition.
Augmented reality (AR) according to Ronald Azuma, Research Leader at Nokia Research Center, is “an environment that includes both virtual reality and real-world elements.For instance, an AR user might wear translucent goggles; through these, he could see the real world, as well as computer-generated images projected on top of that world”.

I Have divided The augmented reality post into two part:

  • First Post: “Augmented Reality – The future you Will be in” The post you are reading  gives you a brief details of AR and its application it can Provide you.

  • Second Post: “Augmented Reality -What are the innovation till date”, Knowing the application of AR I am sure you will be interested in knowing what all the innovations and work that has been done in the Same field.

The main reason behind almost every innovation is to make things more easier ans lively. Likely Augmented reality is something that has Lots of scope and application in all Possible fields. Here are the list Application which AR is going to help us to live in a era which many in the past just Imagined or thought “Impossible” or didn’t even Imagine. Here you go with the possible applications of AR:

  1. Architecture Engineering:  The architectural design which engineering do on paper using CAD software’s and  usually being held in 2D printouts on paper. AR helps you to visualize the same printout into the real object, real 3D buildings/houses before they are even build. Probably, We don’t need “Walk through” software, instead your Cell phone/Tablet will give you the imagination of your buildings.
  2. Pilot Training: The Pilot Training now happens in a virtual Environment like in this below video. AR is going to replace the Virtual Environment with  More real Experience for the training purpose. The same is also expected to be used in Military training purposes as well.
  3. Gaming: Probably now most of the gamers are experiencing partial AR experience. Like with Xbox, Playing Need for Speed you get immersed into the environment where cars are running.In Near future you can Play racing games (Need for Speed) in the are of your interest, For example you can select a Major road of your city – the exact same traffic (Density of traffic, Type of vehicles will be of your interest and need) will be replicated on your screen and You can challenge your friend to race experiencing as if you are running your car in the same road where you travel regularly
  4. Medical Purpose and medical Education:
    medical ARAR, the first most important aspect is – IT IS GOING TO SAVE LOT OF TIME. Soon, the X-Ray machines will be thrown out of hospitals, Special goggles/ Mobile phones with camera will be used to see through your skin instead of taking a X-Ray photo an developing it to detect the fracture in the bone.A patient will be asked to stand in front of computer having a camera, The computer screen shows all possible internal structures of the patient helping Doctor to analyze the problem with the patient Like the video explaining how AR technology helps in education, similarly the picture about to this shows how a person gets the information about the bone. There is already a Mobile application like Doctor Mole which can be used for the detect skin  cancer. This is the first app based on Augmented technology in the medical field.
  5. Education: Recently Blackboard were replaced by white boards, Chalk by markets and charts by Projectors. But the Textbooks remained in for of pages either in computer or in books since long time. But now Probably this technology will change that as well. Every child will have a proper Imagination of what he is learning, Every child is going to learn using technology.
  6. Shopping: One of the most important application is in shopping, it completely saves you time. You don’t have to try out Different costumes and check weather Red Shirts Looks well on you or the Black one? Or Weather the Wine red skirt/Deep blue one? You can try out as many as you want without just “clicks/Gestures ” Like in the video here.
  7. For Everyday Life: The intention of even invention is to reach the common people, like mobile phones,cameras,computers. Likely, AR is going to Come to every ones life soon. Now a days there are lots of mobile applications in Augmented reality technology. Since Cellphones/Tablets have become a part of our everyday life App developers and Mobile manufactures are targeting Mobiles and tablets in form of Application to provide AR applications to Common Man. 120509-NOKIA-CITY-LENS-004edit
    Recent Nokia Lumia Windows Application City lens  is one of the best Application based on Augmented Reality.

    “The true Sign of intelligence is not Knowledge but Imagination” – Albert Einstein


Opportunities for Unemployed!!

You are unemployed. Make sure this thought doesn’t kill your precious time. As a graduate what would you like to do till you find a job for yourself? Here are few things that I am doing/did and suggest you guys to do with two intentions.

  1. You can earn knowledge – knowledge is wealth.
  2. These things add to your resume – Resume is the first step to your job.

The list of thing what you can do till you find a job for yourself.

  1. Do some courses of your Interest.
  2. Think of becoming an Entrepreneur.

Do some courses of your Interest

As a Student you would have not studies much on the line of your interest. There are lots of open source courses which provide course completion certification as well for free which can be taken complete advantage. As mentioned earlier Knowledge is wealth , Improve your present knowledge, work on them sincerely.

  1. edX is a platform which was launched in fall 2012 by Massachusetts institute of technology and Harvard university. You can check out all sorts of courses from different interests and backgrounds.
  2. Coursera is platform started by Andrew Ng and Daphne koller, Computer science  professors from Stanford University. This is another place which gives you have lots and lots of courses for free. You can check for almost all possible backgrounds, lectured by very good universities.
  3. Udacity is one more such platform which mainly gives courses on computer science and programming  interests.

Every courses have forums which is really good place to meet a lot of people and get to know about where you stand in this world? there are study groups where you can interact with people, meetups which is a very good place to talk to many geeks and learn from them. Get involved in the forums, Answer the question if you can or at least make sure you ask question to clarify your doubts.

Think of Becoming an Entrepreneur

“No one gave me a job, So I created a job for myself ” I have heard this Quote which is inspiring. Being an Entrepreneur is something what everyone dreams and only few start and succeed.  Being an Entrepreneur doesn’t mean you really need to invest a handsome money from your dad’s pocket and start an office, you can start with a computer in your had. Here are possible option which I have found.

  1. Be an App Developer:
    If you have a programming skills and little passion to program I think you can start programming a small applications for Cell phone, tablets.You need SDK (Software Development Kit) and a computer to start working on your own. You never know what people like, may be your application can be next Angry bird or next whatsapp application.
    See this video of a 14 years prodigy Programmer This should be your inspiration to start your work.

    May be you may fail, your application may not be successfully completed, But with the failure you would have got an experience of programming which would be surely helpful in some way in future.
  2. Become a Professional Blogger :
    Amit Agarwal should be the best source of inspiration for becoming a Professional Blogger for Indians. You need to put your knowledge into web and present it in a decent way. This doesn’t need a huge investment. There are many websites and blogs which may guide you to start writing blogs but I would recommend Bloggingcube because I have been a regular reader of this blog and has inspired me to start doing it.

                 “ If you can dream, You can make them come true”